In the movement of the Nevers County and on the former fief of the chatellenie of Chateauneuf-sur-Allier this seigniory is named successively Marisium in 1335, Maraitz the next century, Maretz and Marais-les-Nevers in 1665. The first known lord was Jehan de Bois Gibault at the end of the XIV – beginning of the XVth century. He lived here during The Hundred Years' War and was armed The Knight about 1400. Jehan de Bois Gibault was also fighting in The Battle of Agincourt in 1415.

In 1423 the seigniory goes to the Le Tort family. It was a family of a lawyer, close to the Nevers house. From 1410, Guillaume was appointed Receiver General of tailles and aids of Nivernais. In 1448 Dreux Le Tort, “bachelor of laws”, receives the proxy from Charles of Burgundy, the count of Nevers, to handle his wedding contract with Marie from Albert. In 1523, Henri Le Tort is the advisor of the second Marie from Albert, countess of Nevers. He is also a master of the Counts of Nevers.

Later on, in 1605 le Marais was bought for 25000 pounds by Henry Bolacre, Lieutenant General of Bailiwick and Prairies of Nivernais.
During the XVIIth century the seigniory goes to the Conrade from Italy who came to Nivernais by the invitation of Gonzague to create and develop the art of faience there. Nevers owes its reputation to Augustin, the potter from Abissola and his brothers, Baptiste and Dominique.

In 1691 Gabrielle Conrade grants the chateau as a wedding present to Henri Bolacre, commissioner of the presidial of Moulin and once again this family owns the fief till 1722. From this year on the chateau is owned by the Dupin.

During the XVII century it is held by the Chérys, the La Rochefoucault-Cousage and in 1811 it goes to the Montrichard family by marriage. The Marais stays in this family till 2000 when it becomes the ownership of the Graillot family.

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