The Northern facade overlooks the Loire and is flanked on the angles by the two round towers pierced by the long arrowslits. They are connected by the main building constructed on the place of the ancient curtain. The towers date back to the primary construction of the chateau.
The Southern facade is composed of:
  • a big square tower on the overhang: the keep. The loopholes still exist in the walls
  • a top rectangular pavilion under which opens the entrance gate. The access to this gate is provided by a fixed bridge which replaced the drawbridge.
The ground floor of the top pavilion shelters the chapel opening on the courtyard.
The Western facade was reconstructed during the 70’s following the fire of 1888 which destroyed this part of the chateau. The hexagonal tower can be distinguished which contains the spiral staircase serving the floors as well as beautiful framed windows.
The courtyard is surrounded at three-quarters by the facades of the castle and on the east side by a wall which gives a view of the moat and the surrounding landscape.
Sheltered from the wind, it gives way to an ornate space where you can sit and enjoy the setting of the castle.
The chapel was blessed in 1517 by Sir of the Platière, bishop of Nevers. The ceiling offers a prismatic rib with its keys and pellets decorated with escutcheons. On the right of the altar, you can also see a very elegant credenza with lilies.
The pigeonhole is located in the outer courtyard and nearby outbuildings. It dates from the sixteenth century. His door is surmounted by a ogee arch is decorated with a shield.
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