The Roy's room


The room is a two person’s room including a sitting room, a bathroom and separated toilets.  Its loopholes, an antique fireplace and a beamed ceiling reveal the history of the place.

Situated on the keep’s 1st floor this majestic room will offer you a view of the interior and exterior courts.

The Alcove's room


Situated on the 2nd floor, this room for two to three persons includes two beds. It holds its name of the alcove which shelters the double bed and is a privacy corner. You will also appreciate a sitting room and a bathroom with WC.

The fireplace and the ancient tiles bring it a deep sense of authenticity. 

The Poterne's room


Situated on the 2nd floor, the Poterne's room is a two person’s room which will offer you a genuine independence thanks to its dressing area, bathroom and separated toilets.

The refined decor and the elegant canopy meet the vaulted ceiling which gives this place a special charm.

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